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Attach the knife, grind, hone

The HORL® Principle

Knive sharpening can sometimes be tricky, but the HORL® sharpeners make it super easy and a real pleasure for everyone. No prior knowledge or trying around for the right angle needed! While the grinding disc rolls gently back and forth along the blade, the knife stays in place by the Magnetic-Angle Support. For even more culinary delights in the kitchen.

Nobody wants to
sharpen knives, but
everyone wants
a sharp knife.

With the HORL® Sharpener, knife sharpening gives you a real sense of achievement! There are three models, two grinding angles and interchangeable grinding discs for maximum versatility. Our stylish sharpeners are a must in every kitchen.

Stylish design
easy to use
precise results

Grinding Disc

To begin with, the HORL® diamond grinding disc quickly provides a high-quality sharpness. The industrial diamonds used are well suited as grinding material for steels of any hardness.

Honing Disc

As a second step, the ceramic honing disc further refines the result. Its integrated grooves ensure a smooth knife edge and remove any abrasive dust.

Designed for daily use,
made for eternity.

Industrial diamonds are considered among the most durable and efficient abrasives available. With a grit size of 46 μm, the HORL® Standard Diamond disc grinds efficiently and precisely. Used properly, its grinding surface should never need replacement.

Two grinding angles.
Always sharp results.

… with our magnetic angle support

Strong magnets.
Secure attachment.

… with our S-Pad®.

Constant sharpening angle

Getting the sharpening angle right is key to success when it comes to grinding knives. The more consistently it is done, the more precise and lasting are the results. Our magnetic angle support is a practical way to ensure the knife is always held at exactly the right angle. Once sharpened with the HORL®, a knife can be quickly resharpened over and over again. Since grinding at a constant angle removes as little material as necessary, it helps the knife to last longer.

Secure hold
for precision in every application

The combination of powerful neodymium magnets and the HORL® S-Pad hold the knife securely during sharpening. Reinforced by the anti-slip effect of the S-Pad, even small blades can be sharpened consistently and reproducibly at the desired level.

As sharp as new.
Every day.



Micrograph of a standard kitchen knife blade upon leaving the factory


HORL® 2 &

Micrograph after using a Diamond Standard disc and a ceramic honing disc



Micrograph after using #3000 and #6000 corundum whetstones as well as the HORL® Leather (accessories)

horl® 2 Cruise

HORL Diamond

HORL Stainless Steel

Grinding angle 20°

Incl. 20% Tax,

horl® 2 Oak

HORL Diamond

HORL Ceramic

Grinding angle 15° / 20°

Changeable grinding discs

Incl. 20% Tax,

horl® 2 Pro

HORL Diamond

HORL Ceramic

Grinding angle 15° / 20°

Changeable grinding discs

Planetary gear: ratio 1:3

Incl. 20% Tax,

Designed in Freiburg.
Manufactured in Black Forest.

Can I sharpen my knife with
the Horl sharpener?

Do you have a question about a specific type of knife?
Then just write us a short message and, if possible,
send us a photo of your knife.
Our team is looking forward to hearing from you.

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