Art & Culinary

With professional chef
and carver Konrad Winzer.

Konrad Winzer is one of the leading figures in the international art and carving scene. In his restaurant Drei König, in Lörrach, he has fascinated guests for many years with his distinct cuisine. During a visit to his house, we got a better understanding of the close relation between art and culinary as well as the passion we share for aesthetics, details and culinary delights.

Integrity &

During a wintry afternoon, we arrived at Konrad Winzers home. He is living rusticly in the midst of his art. Taking a tour through his garden feels like visiting an art exhibition since we were surrounded by impressive sculptures. His art is authentic but still shows flaws. It is inspired by ephemerality and sexuality. When picking up the hammer and chisel ourselves, our admiration for Konrad Winzers work and his love for details increases instantly.

After the impressive walk through his garden, the artist leads us to a shed, which is located next to his house. In addition to Konrad Winzer’s artistic work, this also reveals his culinary workplace. Here, the creative spirit devotes himself to his second passion, cooking. Before starting the preparation of the meal, we first take a look at the artist’s collection of knives. In this we come across a large selection of japanese knives, including a handmade damascus knife from a common bladesmith friend. With the help of our HORL® 2 and HORL® 2 PRO we attain an impressive sharpness on Konrad Winzers kitchen knives.

Art & Culinary
with Konrad Winzer

Purism, Authenticity
and Simplicity

By cooking together with Konrad Winzer, we experience his dedication to quality and aesthetics, which also reflects in his art. He chooses the ingredients with care which means that he purchases high-quality products exclusively from sources he has trusted for many years. His cuisine is puristic and straightforward while his dishes are characterised by originality and freshness.

Today, two large trout and an octopus, which Konrad Winzer obtains from a breeder friend in the neighbouring village, are used to create Mediterranean dishes. In the chef’s kitchen, only a few ingredients are used. This allows the individual flavors to emerge and develop better.

Culinary Art

In line with his approach to originality, we look in vain for expensive equipment in Konrad Winzer’s kitchen. Instead, he has been preparing his dishes in copper pots for years. We temporarily transform a wheelbarrow into an oven and start a fire in it. Above the open fire, we cook the octopus in a cast iron pan. Over our shared meal, we review the impressions of the day and take in the artistic and culinary surroundings.

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