No one wants to sharpen knives, but everyone wants sharp knives. Well almost. Actually, we want both! The new sharpeners from HORL® convince with their stylish design, easy use and impressive sharpening results.

The „HORL® - Principle“

Position the knife. Grind. Hone. This is the simple grinding principle of the HORL® Sharpener. A new knife sharpening method is being redefined with the rotating diamond grinding disc which is guided gently along the cutting edge with a constant grinding angle. This combination guarantees an especially even and reproducible sharpening result for your favourite knives.

The HORL® Diamond

The industrial diamonds we use are suitable for efficiently sharpening all knife steels of any degree of hardness without water. When used properly, the Diamond Standard never needs to be replaced. The grain size of 46 μm grinds efficiently and precisely. A high-quality sharpening result is achieved in just a short time.

Always a constant
grinding angle

The grinding angle is the key factor in knife sharpening. The more consistently it is reproduced, the more precise and lasting the results are. Once sharpened, the knife is always positioned at exactly the same sharpening angle by the Angle Support which ensures fast resharpening, minimum material removal and a long service life for kitchen knives.

Securely held with the HORL® 2 Angle Support

The combination of strong neodymium magnets and the HORL® S-Pad make it possible to securely fix the knife during grinding. Strengthened by the anti-slip effect of the S-Pads, even small blades of any desired height can be consistently and reproducibly sharpened.

La famiglia HORL® 2.
Scegli il prodotto che fa per te.

Affilatura stabile, massima flessibilità o massima velocità di affilatura: i tre affilacoltelli della famiglia HORL® 2 offrono esattamente ciò che cerchi per ogni tipo di tagliente e qualsiasi esigenza di affilatura!

horl® 2 Cruise

HORL diamante

Acciaio inossidabile HORL

Angolo di affilatura 20°

119,00 €
Incl. IVA al 22%

horl® 2 - noce

Mola al diamante standart

HORL ceramica

Angolo di affilatura di 15° e 20°

Mole intercambiabili

159,00 €
Incl. IVA al 22%

horl® 2 Pro

HORL diamante

HORL ceramica

Angolo di affilatura di 15° e 20°

Mole intercambiabili

Ingranaggio planetario

349,00 €
Incl. IVA al 22%

Perfect results for
sharpness that amazes.

The most important parameters for sharpness are the grinding angle and the smoothness of the cutting edge. The finer the edge is ground, the more smoothly the knife glides through the food to be cut.

Solingen Standard Kitchen Knife ex-works.

Finish with the HORL® 2 CRUISE.

Finish with the HORL® and HORL® 2 Pro.

The same result is achieved in a third of the time with the HORL® 2 PRO.

Precision from
the Black Forest

The HORL® 1993 headquarters is located in our German hometown of Freiburg im Breisgau. All of our partner companies from wood and metal production to laser engraving and final assembly are all located close by in the Black Forest. Short distances and direct communication guarantee the best quality of all components.

Can the HORL sharpen my kitchen knife?

The HORL® 2 is the latest technological benchmark of the HORL® Sharpener family. Two grinding angles and exchangeable grinding discs ensure more flexibility. A completely new, backlash-free rolling feeling is created by the press assembly and the built-in ball bearings. The ceramic coating on the honing side guarantees impressive grinding results.

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