Hunter and Gatherer

In the Black Forest.
With Johannes Schneider from the romantic hotel Spielweg.

At romantic hotel Spielweg in the heart of the Black Forest, we experienced what cooking with absolute fresh products means. For a whole day, we accompanied hunter and kitchen chef Johannes Schneider in his search for delicious ingredients from the local forest. And of course, we managed to get a look at the most important tools in the kitchen: the knives.


In the Spielweg kitchen, a lot of surprises and delicacies are constantly being created. Most of the time, everything is cooked with products from the Black Forest, with creative additions of spices and ingredients from Asia. Specialties come from the in-house cheese dairy and wild meat production.

With Johannes Schneider and Viktoria Fuchs, who own and run our ultimate favorite restaurant in the Black Forest, we went on the search for herbs for the romantic hotel Spielweg. The local forest of Münstertal has more to offer than we could have imagined.

Fresh Regional

with Fine Grinding

High Qualitative Ingredience
result in pleasure

Tradition and experience.
Since 1861.

Passion for Ingredience
and Handcraft

„The best products are the foundation for our kitchen. We prefer to get them straight out of nature from our own backyard or from our great partners from the region!”

– Johannes Schneider

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