horl® 2 Angle-Support

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Two angles.
Even more possibilities.

With the new HORL® 2 Magnetic-Angle-Support, your HORL® sharpener's range of use is now even more extensive. With the additionally integrated 20° grinding angle, we've incorporated a truly all-round grinding angle that quickly helps even the sturdiest kitchen knives, as well as most pocket and outdoor knives to attain a new level of sharpness. The 15° grinding angle, which is also included, guarantees your high-quality, delicate knives the usual particularly fine grind. Our newly developed S-Pad, not only protects your knives from grinding dust, but also fixes small knives at exactly the height required on the HORL® 2 Magnetic-Angle-Support.

The HORL® 2 Magnetic-Angle-Support does not fit into the HORL® Station 1st generation.

20° grinding angle
for a stable sharpness

The 20° grinding angle delivers new sharpness in the shortest time. The knife also retains its sharpness for a long time due to the stable cutting edge and is suitable for the widest range of cuts in daily kitchen life. Outdoors, it also provides many pocket knives with a stable cutting edge and excellent sharpness for everyday use.

15° grinding angle
for precise sharpness

With the 15° grinding angle, exceptionally fine blades made of damascus and high-quality carbon steel attain filigrane sharpness. These knife edges can be sharpened very delicately and maintain their stability.

The HORL® S-Pad
for stepless flexibility in grinding

The combination of strong neodymium magnets and the HORL® S-Pad ensures that the knife is securely fixed during sharpening. Reinforced by the anti-slip effect of the S-Pad, even small blades can be sharpened consistently and reproducibly at the desired height.

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