horl® 2 Pro

We're serious.

With the HORL® 2 Pro, Otmar and Timo Horl are realizing a very personal dream. With a high-precision internal planetary gear, a triple grinding movement is generated by a simple rolling motion. Thus, the HORL® 2 Pro grinds at triple speed. Solid stainless steel and aluminum components provide a particularly noble appearance.

The Masterpiece

Ex Works

The microscopic comparison is based on a high-quality Solingen standard kitchen knife ex works.

HORL® 2 Pro

Corresponds to the result with the HORL® 2

Grinding Disc

The industrial diamonds we use are suitable for efficiently sharpening all knife steels of any degree of hardness without water. When used properly, the HORL® Diamond Standard never needs to be replaced. The grain size of 46 μm grinds efficiently and precisely. A high-quality sharpening result is achieved in just a short time.

Honing Disc

After processing with the HORL® Diamond Standard, the ceramic honing disc significantly refines the grinding result. Only a few movements are needed for this. The result is a smooth, clean and filigranely sharpened knife edge.

20° grinding angle
for a stable sharpness

The 20° grinding angle delivers new sharpness in the shortest time. The knife also retains its sharpness for a long time due to the stable cutting edge and is suitable for the widest range of cuts in daily kitchen life. Outdoors, it also provides many pocket knives with a stable cutting edge and excellent sharpness for everyday use.

15° grinding angle
for precise sharpness

With the 15° grinding angle, exceptionally fine blades made of damascus and high-quality carbon steel attain filigrane sharpness. These knife edges can be sharpened very delicately and maintain their stability.


Industrial diamonds are considered one of the most durable and effective abrasives on the market. The monocrystalline diamonds are harder than any knife steel. By using a galvanic process, the diamonds in the HORL® Diamond Standard are fixed to approx. 55% in a nickel bed. After the first grinding processes, the initially rough surface will become finer and the HORL® Diamond Standard reaches its ideal grinding surface.

The HORL® S-Pad
for stepless flexibility in grinding

The combination of strong neodymium magnets and the HORL® S-Pad ensures that the knife is securely fixed during sharpening. Reinforced by the anti-slip effect of the S-Pad, even small blades can be sharpened consistently and reproducibly at the desired height.

One Solution. Wide Variety.

Set includes

HORL® 2 Pro

HORL® 2 Pro Magnetic Angle Support

HORL® 2 Pro Original Box

Second generation sharpness.
Which is yours?

Sharpness that impresses. The new sharpeners from HORL® turn knife sharpening into a real experience. There is much to discover: With the new highlights of the HORL® series, everyone can find the right sharpener to suit their personal needs: Simply stable sharpness, full flexibility or maximum grinding speed.

horl® 2 Cruise

HORL Diamond Standard

Stainless steel honing disc

Grinding angle 20°

Incl. 24% Tax,

horl® 2 Walnut

HORL Diamond Standard

Ceramic honing disc

Grinding angle 15° / 20°

Changeable grinding discs

Incl. 24% Tax,

horl® 2 Pro

HORL Diamond Standard

Ceramic honing disc

Grinding angle 15° / 20°

Changeable grinding discs

Planetary gear: ratio 1:3

Incl. 24% Tax,


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