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Father &

We never thought that we would come together professionally after all these years. But when our individual skills found the right joint project, something great came about. A supposedly simple tool that impresses people all over the world. Knife sharpening like a professional - only simpler.


Filigree bevels, solid components and precise workmanship make every HORL® product unique. To guarantee maximum quality, the solid wood used is dried to 7-8% humidity in separate ovens by our partner companies in the Black Forest. From the final assembly up to the selection of the wood grain is all done by hand with the highest precision our region has to offer. We are incredibly proud of the family-like collaboration with our local suppliers of steel production, wood processing, laser engraving finishing and assembly.

Montage of the manufacturing process

The HORL® Team

Just a while ago, we were still in our cellar workshop at home and now suddenly we are standing in front of shipping pallets with a terrific team or people in our own facilities. We are passionate about what we do, because first and foremost, when you have big ambitions, it has to be fun. Europe-wide shipping, an impressive dealer network and a true marathon of events with over 50 trade fairs a year can only be achieved with people you can completely rely on. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to create such an impressive legacy with such an amazing team.

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The HORL team

Made in Germany

HORL-1993's headquarters is located in our hometown of Freiburg in southern Germany. Our woodand metal production, including laser engraving and final assembly are all located nearby in the Black Forest. To ensure the highest levels of quality and to discuss further developments, we areregularly visit each site in person and all of our suppliers are reachable within a few hours. This is the only way that makes sense for us to be able to manufacture sustainable products which continue inspiring kitchen, grill and culinary enthusiasts long term.